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Introducing enhanced RTMP

Veovera Software Organization formally publishes technical specifications for enhanced RTMP

Jul 31, 2023 - (San Francisco, CA) – Veovera Software Organization, a not-for-profit member organization, announced the publication of a specification outlining enhancements to the Real Time Messaging Protocol (aka enhanced-rtmp-v1). Veovera’s founding members include Adobe, YouTube, and most recently they welcomed Twitch to the organization.
Chris Hock, Head of Business Strategy and Development at Adobe said, “RTMP has been an important protocol for the streaming industry since its inception and the publication of the first version of the specification in 2012 by Adobe. We look forward to working with the nonprofit Veovera Software Organization and its member companies to make important enhancements to the protocol and continue to maintain it into the future.”
Albert Ho, VP of Engineering for the video platform at Amazon IVS & Twitch said, “We believe RTMP is a core building block of modern video streaming and we look forward to supporting enhancements to RTMP.”
Veovera’s current priority is to enhance the RTMP protocol, which has not been updated since 2012. The new enhanced RTMP specification developed by Veovera describes the guidelines to enable support for AV1, VP9 and HEVC video codecs, as well as HDR color metadata. RTMP is still the dominant ingestion protocol used by live streamers, and enabling newer video codecs is a long-standing request from the streaming community.
In addition to working with organization members YouTube, Twitch and Adobe, Veovera collaborated with Intel Corporation, OBS, FFmpeg, VideoLAN, Luxoft, XSplit and many others to gather feedback and collectively make enhancements to the RTMP specification. In April of 2023, OBS and YouTube released support for streaming HEVC and AV1 over RTMP, making the enhanced features available to the broader streaming community for the first time. Veovera is excited about further adoption and collaboration across the industry.
Joel Bethke, OBS Project member, said, “The OBS Project has been waiting for a protocol that extends support for new and better codecs, such as AV1. Enhanced RTMP brings that support to all our users, and we were quick to implement it for OBS Studio. We look forward to seeing the industry adopt these new technologies.”
Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President of VideoLAN and a Community Committee Member at FFmpeg, said, “I’m very happy to see enhanced RTMP happen. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for quite a few years, since RTMP is still everywhere, but we need support for modern codecs, and other features that should be standard. I look forward to the implementations in the open source software soon.”
Slavik Lozben, Chairman of Veovera and one of the original creators of RTMP said, “It’s astonishing to witness RTMP retaining its relevance twenty-one years after its original introduction in Flash Video. Veovera is committed to modernizing and enhancing RTMP. As an initial step, we’ve incorporated support for AV1, VP9, and HEVC. We’re now striving to quickly define additional capabilities. Our goal is to continuously refine RTMP while ensuring backwards compatibility, without causing disruption to the internet or current tools.”.

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Veovera Software Organization Summary

Veovera Software Organization (VSO) is a not-for-profit member organization to help enhance software for the public good. One of Veovera’s first goals is to enhance RTMP and to align the media streaming industry on one RTMP definition.
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