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Founded in 2022, the Veovera Software Organization (VSO) is a dedicated not-for-profit entity committed to enhancing software technology for the public good. VSO has played a pivotal role in advancing the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), notably through collaboration with industry leaders such as Adobe, YouTube, Twitch and others. Our collective efforts focus on refining and broadening the capabilities of RTMP to ensure it meets the evolving demands of modern media streaming.


As the media streaming landscape continues to evolve, the VSO has emerged as a pivotal force in modernizing the RTMP/FLV protocol, a cornerstone of streaming technology that had remained largely unaltered for over two decades. Through our pioneering initiatives, we have introduced initial enhancements “enhanced-rtmp-v1” (or “enhanced-rtmp-v1.pdf”) and the latest alpha specification, “enhanced-rtmp-v2” (or “enhanced-rtmp-v2.pdf”). This key publication outlines substantial advancements to legacy RTMP, including:

These enhancements are designed to align RTMP with contemporary streaming technology standards, ensuring its relevance and efficacy in today’s digital landscape.
For the latest insights and updates on these exciting developments, we invite you to explore our news feed.

Community Engagement

In the spirit of open collaboration and continuous improvement, we highly value the community’s feedback and contributions. Our work, including detailed documentation, the latest enhancements, and avenues for community engagement, is hosted on GitHub. We invite you to join our efforts by visiting our GitHub repository at <https://github.com/veovera/enhanced-rtmp>. Here, you can access our publications, contribute to the project, and share your insights by creating new issues.
Together, we can shape the future of media streaming technology, ensuring that RTMP remains innovative. Your participation and feedback are crucial to our ongoing endeavors.

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For information on how to join Veovera Organization please contact <mailto:info@veovera.org>.